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Krzysztof Candrowicz
Director of Lodz Art Center, International Festival of Photography in Lodz and director of Union of European Festivals of Photography
Krzysztof Candrowicz is a founder and director of Lodz Art Center and Foundation of Visual Education in the city of Lodz in Poland. The foundation has started organization of the International Festival of Photography in 2001 and it took place for the sixth times in May 2007. As a director and chief curator of this event, he established an association of 30 European festivals of photography, called PHOTO FESTIVAL UNION. The organization is responsible for common activities of European photo events, such as annual meetings, publications, photographic exchange and common promotion.

Reviewing focus:
All types of creative and documentary work, no commercial work, no nudes.

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Dr. Milan Chlumsky
Photographer, curator, FAZ critic

Solo and group shows in photography in France, Spain and Germany (venues include the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Heidelberg, Institut Français Heidelberg and the Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand Tübingen)

Articles in newspapers (Frankfurter Allgemeine, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung) and magazines (including Fotogeschichte, Revue d'Esthétique, Ceskoslovenská fotografie) on art, literature, photography and aesthetics, photojournalism (Le Monde)

Member of the Heidelberger Künstlergruppe, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Semiotik, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie, the French Photographic Society, the artists’ group ‘Q’ in Brünn

Curated the following exhibitions (1999): ‘Die Gebrüder Bisson, Aufstieg und Fall eines Fotografieunternehmes im 19. Jahrhundert’, Folkwang Museum Essen and the Fotomuseum in the Munich Stadtmuseum; ‘De cime en flèche, Les frères Bisson’, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris

Reviewing focus:
He is particularly interested in work dealing with architecture and landscape.

Thomas Kellner
photographers:network, Siegen

Thomas Kellner is an art photographer, who has taught as a visiting professor at Justus-Liebig University, Giessen. He writes for photography magazines, is a collector and since 2004 has run the photographers:network project.

Every year he invites around 100 selected photographers to exhibit work to be evaluated by a jury. He runs several networks with fellow artists, curates exhibitions and is on the board at several exhibition venues. With his partner he runs a gallery in Siegen.

Thomas Kellner networks worldwide with curators, journalists, art galleries, etc. He also works as a careers consultant and collaborates with colleagues on his projects.

Reviewing focus:
Thomas Kellner is interested in all approaches to art photography that reveal a forceful personal signature. He is not interested in photography used in advertising or for other commercial purposes.

Further information:

Celina Lunsford
Director, Fotografie Forum International, Frankfurt am Main

Celina Lunsford works as curator and consultant for Fotografie Forum International. Professional experience spans over 20 years of curating and organising photographic based exhibitions with the global photography scene. Recent exhibition publications: Watching Me Watching India, 2006; Fast Forward: Photographic Message from Korea, Seoul/Frankfurt a.M., 2005 ; Women by Women, Eight Women Photographers from the Arab World. Tunis/Frankfurt a. M, 2004; Lithuanian Insight: Photography 1960 to Now. Vilnius/Frankfurt a. M., 2002; Images Beyond the Naked Eye, a photographic portfolio with 26 international photographers concerning global warming for the World Wildlife Fund. München/Frankfurt a. M., 2001.
She is the European representative of the Imogen Cunningham Trust, guest curator for the Goethe Institut, Frankfurt am Main. She is commissioned writer for revised edition of the Witkin Photography Collectors Guide, Aperture (2008), IRIS (UK), publication on Still-Lifes (2005). Celina Lunsford is regularly invited critic to numerous international festivals. Recent Juries 2007: Astroc Photography Award, Spain; Hyeres international festival Mode et Photographie, “Trust Me” F-Stop International Festival for Photography, Leipzig.

Reviewing focus:
Well developed projects of journalistic or fine art photographic quality which are fresh, for the exhibition or publication market, no commercial work. She can provide advice on editing and marketing your work, organizes exhibitions or publications.

Further information:

Ute Noll
Photo director & Curator,, Stuttgart

Ute Noll is an expert on photography. She has been invited on a regular basis to serve as a juror and expert at international fotofestivals and foto competitions. She has discovered more than three hundred talented photographers for the Frankfurter Rundschau illustrated magazine and has curated their work at shows. Ute Noll has been a member of the curatorial team since the Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie (DTDF) began. Since 2007 she has had a monthly column in Photography magazine: Photographers of the Future Discovered by Ute Noll. From 2005 she has taught, with interruptions, in the department of design and photography at Dortmund Polytechnic. She founded an agency of her own, ON PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION, early in 2006.

Reviewing focus:
Ute Noll is interested in photo projects by photographers who have worked out their own distinctive approach to their subject matter. The projects might be reports or art photography, documentary or staged. Ute Noll prefers to publish and show contemporary colour photography of the kind shown on her webpage. Ute Noll is not interested in nude photography, shock photos, solitary pictures or abstract photography.

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Thomas Schirmböck
Managing director ZEPHYR – Raum für Fotografie, Mannheim

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Johan Sjöström
Curator, BildMuseet, Umea / Schweden

Born in 1975, Johan Sjöström has been a curator at the BildMuseet in Umea, Sweden since 1998. The BildMuseet is a museum of international contemporary art and visual culture, and one of the leading institutions of its kind in Scandinavia and Europe. Mr Sjöström has been invited to review and lecture at numerous international photo events including Rencontres d'Arles in France; FotoFest in Houston, USA; FotoFest in Beijing, China; Rhubarb International Folio Session in Birmingham, UK; Artphoto Image Festival in Bucharest, Romania; Bratislava Month of Photography in Slovakia; and Skábmagovat in Inari, Finland. He has contributed to magazines such as Artphoto, FotoMagazin and Paletten, and is also the editor of several publications including Lara Baladi - Kai'ro, The Politics of Place, Mats Hjelm: Trilogy, Mirror's Edge, and Head North. He is on the advisory board of Pavilion Magazine and (together with Jan-Erik Lundstrom) curator of the upcoming Bucharest Biennale, scheduled for May 2008. The curatorial framework for this event has very much to do with the notions of mapping and cartography.

Reviewing focus:
Mr Sjöström is most interested in reviewing creative, conceptually oriented photography and new media, political, postcolonial and multicultural issues, post-modern landscape, issues of gender, identity and sexuality. He is not interested in reviewing traditional documentary, classical nudes and landscapes or commercial work.

Further information:

Dr. Claude W. Sui
Head of the Forum Internationale Photographie (FIP) der Reiss-Engelhorn-Mussen Mannheim

No Data available

Petra Rietz
Director of Salon für zeitgenössische Fotokunst und der Agentur für zeitgenössische Fotokunst, Berlin

Studies photograph and art history

Reviewing focus:
She is interested in artistic photograph with private background that deals with the issue of memory.

Further information:

Bas Vroege
Director of Paradox, lecturer at Masters in Photographic Studies (MaPS), University Leiden

Personal data:
Bas Vroege (b. 1958) is director of Paradox, producer of photography-related projects such as Go No Go (Ad van Denderen), Why Mister, Why? (Geert van Kesteren) and European Fields (Hans van der Meer). Paradox projects tend to combine exhibitions, websites, books and films and are driven by a social agenda. Next to his work for Paradox, Bas Vroege works as a photographer. As such, he is currently working on a collaborative project Oswiecim Now, dealing with the post-war period of the Polish town of Oswiecim (Auschwitz) to be published early 2008.Bas Vroege is member of the supervisory board of World Press Photo (Amsterdam), member of the international board of advisers of the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (Beijing) and is advisor of the Masters in Photographic Studies of the University Leiden where he lectures curatorial practice and photographic project development.

Reviewing focus:
Documentary in the widest possible sense

Further information:

Manfred Zollner
Executive chief editor fotoMAGAZIN, Hamburg

Reviewing focus:
"I'm interested in signature style work that is showing the photographers individual approach to a topic ­ no matter what photographic genre he/she is working in."