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Reviewing Participation

The participation for 2007 is deactivated!

You are now in the REVIEWING registration area. Register here but remember you are liable for costs and registration is binding; you may select a maximum of three reviewers of your choice per date (day).

Reviewing timetable (at 20-minute intervals):

  • Friday, 21 Sept. 2007
    from 9 am to 13 noon
  • Saturday, 22 Sept. 2007
    from 9 am to 13 noon

a session with a reviewer lasts 20 minutes at most.
1 Session: 20 euros
2 Sessions: 40 euros
3 Sessions: 50 euros

Please first choose the name of a reviewer from the list and the day on which you plan to arrive for a reviewing session. The times for reviewing sessions will be chosen by the festival organiser. The organiser reserves the right if necessary to confirm dates and reviewers other than you requested.

>> Advice to participants of reviewing